Our Fraternity

Sigma Phi Delta is an international social fraternity of engineers founded at the University of Southern California April 11, 1924. It has grown steadily over the past 90 years — reaching nearly 40 universities worldwide — and continues to expand today. It is well organized, and its chapters are carefully supervised by the international officers and by faculty and alumni advisors. Sigma Phi Delta was organized to promote the advancement of the engineering profession and of engineering education, to encourage excellence in scholarship, and to develop in its members the highest ideals of manhood, good citizenship, and brotherhood.

The Beta-Iota Colony of Sigma Phi Delta was founded at the University of Maryland on February 25, 2012 and became an Active Chapter in June of the same year. Our goals and objectives follow along well with those of our international counterparts. We are frequently involved in many types of events: Professional Events, like grad panels and tours of facilities such as the Goddard Space and Flight Center; Philanthropy Events, such as our annual trip to volunteer for the KEEN Program in Washington, D.C.; and Social Events, including trips to play paint ball, laser tag, and more. We strive to continue our proud traditions and have fun along the way.

President: Isaac Rose

Isaac is a junior, pursuing an Aerospace Engineering major. He joined Sigma Phi Delta his freshman year, as a part of Xi class.

Vice President: Max Kapelina

Max is a junior pursuing a Computer Science major. He joined Sigma Phi Delta in Fall 2019 as part of Omicron class.

Treasurer: Connor Roney

Connor is a junior pursuing an Aerospace Engineering major and Project Management minor. He joined Sigma Phi Delta as a member of Nu class in Fall 2018, and has worked as sports chair and assistant treasurer in the past. In his free time, Connor enjoys playing soccer, skiing, watching Philly sports, and working out. He will be returning to Lockheed Martin as a systems engineering intern in the summer of 2021.

Secretary: Ethan Schaffer

Ethan is a Junior majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He joined Sig Phi in Fall 2018, and has served as Risk Management Chair, Scholarship Chair, and Professional Chair. He is also a TA for CMSC389O, and enjoys watching sports in his free time.

Social Chair: Andrew Giorgi

Andrew is a junior pursuing an Aerospace Engineering Degree. He joined Sigma phi Delta as a member of Omicron class in Fall 2019.

Chapter Expectations Chair: David Umansky

David is a junior majoring Aerospace Engineering with a Minor in Project Management. He joined Sig Phi in his freshman fall semester of 2018 as part of Nu class. Since then he has been the rush chair for 2 semesters. In his free time, he enjoys cheering for the Washington Football Team, skiing and cooking.